All About the Basics

A house is simply the sum of the bricks and sticks that it takes to build.  A home is so much more.  The design process for creating a home begins long before we put pencil to paper.  We start by joining the pieces of the dream from past to present, knitting them together room by room, wall by wall  until we have a plan.  Through listening and getting to know each other, we build the dream into the plan.  The house becomes the home.  When we work together to achieve that, walking through every doorway is like waking up on Christmas morning..... Joy.


I've built them, torn them apart, and even brought them back to life.  From the 2 x 4's and the copper roofs, to the ceramic tiles and granite counter-tops.  There's not a single part of the home that hasn't seen my hands.  Today, I draw on those experience to help ensure a seamless design;  A home that always welcomes.


Having over 30 years experience in the field, building, remodeling, and designing, has given me a 360° point of view into designing.  This "hands-on" approach stretches from laying bricks to creating fine cabinetry and more.  Through the years I have had my hands on every tool tit takes to build a house.  Today that experience is priceless, and helps to the hidden opportunities for adding value to a project.  An Architect professor once told me, "a person doesn't get to call themselves a good architect for having graduated university.  It takes 60 years of living life to become a good architect."  I'm almost there....


On a beach along the north shore of Long Island lies the remains of a stone staircase originally constructed over 100 years ago. The timbers that framed the mansion have long since vanished, along with the craftsmen and designers who labored over them... and yet they speak.

George J Hobel, III

Reflections of Charlotte

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